What is GEES CP IAQ?

GEES CP IAQ stands for Green Environment & Energy Saving Certified Professional in Indoor Air Quality. This credential program is accredited by Academy of Intelligent Building Certification (AIBC, Academy of Intelligent Building Certification). The candidate for GEES CP IAQ is required to attend a total of 27- hour classroom including laboratory training and 2- hour examination for accreditation.

The 27-hour training covers items related to building indoor air quality from building design, construction, operation, IAQ measurement to certification etc. Due to program comprehensive contents, GEES CP IAQ has been recognized by UL Environment, which is a worldwide leading organization in certification and validation. GEES CP IAQ is authorized to perform indoor air quality measurement according to various standards, including LEED, HK IAQ scheme etc. with analysis support from UL laboratory in Nansha, Guangdong Province, PRC. GEES CP IAQ holder is also recognized by UL’s Building Indoor Air Quality certification program (please refer to page 4 for detail information about UL BIAQ program) to perform consultancy services helping clients to achieve related certification with regards to Building Indoor Air Quality. Each attendee will receive a 27-hour CPD certificate after completion of the course.

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